Deacons are those men whom the congregation chooses to watch over the church's physical and temporal concerns.  We find the first deacons being ordained in Acts 6 and for the very specific purpose of relieving the elders from having to deal with the physical needs of the people.  This, then, allows for the elders to devote themselves more fully to the ministry of the Word and prayer, without distraction.  Deacons, therefore, are a tremendous blessing from the Lord not only to the people, but to the pastors.  We see in these two offices of elder and deacon the two-fold care and concern of the Good and Great Shepherd, Jesus.  Through the ministry of elders, Jesus cares for His church's spiritual needs, and through the ministry of deacons, Jesus cares for His church's temporal needs.                      

Tom Castillo 

Tom Castillo  Tom has been a deacon at TRBC since 2001. He is married to Jennifer and they have three daughters. Tom works in finance and in his free time he likes camping with his family, grilling, and live music.

Bob Dixon  

Bob Dixon  Bob has been a deacon at TRBC since 1998. He has recently retired. In his free time he enjoys hiking and backpacking.

Drew Hall  

Drew Hall  Drew has been a deacon at TRBC since 2008. He is married to Heidi and they have five children. Drew works for SANS Solutions as a director of Engineering. He enjoys spending time with his wife, playing with his kids and riding motorcycles.

Don Reeves

Don Reeves  Don has been a deacon at TRBC since 2011. He is retired and works part-time for JetBlue Airways. He enjoys travelling with his wife Ruby, and spending time with his grandchildren. 

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