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April 14-16, 2015 

The 2015 General Assembly will be held in  Mansfield, Texas

Hosted by Heritage Baptist Church


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February 1, 2015


General Assembly Coordinator: Jack DiMarco (Email)

Host Pastor: Larry Vincent (Email)

ARBCA Coordinator: Gordon Taylor (Email)



February 1, 2015

General Information

GA Button The 2015 General Assembly will be held on April 14-16, 2015 at Heritage Baptist Church in Mansfield, Texas.


February 1, 2015

Welcome to the ARBCA General Assembly!



To the Brothers and Sisters of our fellow ARBCA churches and guests:

Although it is with some sadness that we will not be in southern Georgia this spring, we are laboring to give a genuine Texas welcome to all who attend the General Assembly, April 14-16.

I write in behalf of our members, deacons, and elders. We look forward to hosting this GA. Our church's coordinator is brother Jack DiMarco, one of our deacons. He and his crew of volunteers are taking care of every piece of the structure that builds our GA. We take on this work willingly for the sake of the kingdom of our Triune LORD and His people who make up our Association of churches.

The necessary ingredient that we cannot supply is you, our guests, the members and officers, and especially the messengers from our churches. We are less without you: every member of the wider body of ARBCA churches being necessary by our Lord Jesus' providence. We hope and pray that you will come from every church, to labor together to maintain the unity He alone gives sinful humans as part of His gracious legacy to us.

We also anticipate several guests from non-member churches, those who are coming to observe a modern Reformed Baptist association of local churches at work. We will welcome you, as well. We look forward to additions to our membership, churches that hold our Confession in common with us. We seek this and pray for our Lord to build us as He sees fit. We are not a commercial endeavor, seeking to grow at any cost. We are an orthodox, Christian endeavor seeking to grow based on  commitment to the Truth revealed to us by our Savior, which His churches have held for centuries. If you are of similar spirit, we desire that you consider joining with us.

In our Lord's providence, this has been a difficult year for our Association. We have been saddened by controversy, but are thankful for the affliction that has caused us to mature and, hopefully, be more sound, consistent, and genuine in the Faith we confess.

May our God grant that we gather together with true obedience to our Father's Word, in full submission to His Son, depending on the filling and power of the Holy  Spirit. This is our prayer.


On behalf of Heritage Baptist Church, Mansfield, TX,

   Larry Vincent

On this site you will find various information to assist you as you prepare for the ARBCA General Assembly: schedules, hotel and lodging information, speaker biographies, meals, and excursions to some of the local attractions. If you plan on asking for private housing, please know that it is on a first-come, first-serve basis and will be assigned in that order when registration AND payment have been received.


Online Registration

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